Much Ado about Not Very Much

“Propaganda has distorted people’s perception of reality so severely that Twitter cares more about obsolete musicians pulling their content from an app because they don’t like a podcaster than the fact that the most powerful government in the world is flirting with nuclear war” -Caitlin Johnstone

As usual Caitlin Johnstone gets right to the heart of the matter. Although I wouldn’t call Neil Young and Joni Mitchell obscure musicians.. They are all time greats for sure, and I will miss their presence as I continue to enjoy Spotify. All day long, I’ve been arguing with people about Joe Rogan, largely because of the free speech aspect of the whole thing, those who want Rogan removed are horrified at the banning of books, and they don’t see this as the same thing.
But, another reason is that I actually like Joe Rogan’s interviews.

But, Caitlin’s point is probably even more important. Here’s a list of things more important than who wins in the battle for the hearts and minds of Spotify subscribers, and whether Neil Young or Joe Rogan is the more influential person, which is really an asymmetrical debate anyway. It’s like who is better, JRR Tolkien or the Beatles.
Anyway, here is a brief list of more important issues than Joe Rogan:
Global Warming
Conflict in Ukraine
Julian Assange and freedom of the press
The refugee crisis
Police murdering people
School shootings
Rigged elections
Corporate influence
rich people not paying any taxes
AI taking over the world

…and so on.

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