In Fairness

It’s true, I do not like Whoopi Goldberg and refuse to watch anything with her in it, due to her horrible, rude, unprofessional interview with Bernie Sanders back in 2020, but I think the current brouhaha which has led to her suspension from The View is misguided. She didn’t really say anything hateful about Jews. What she said was that the holocaust wasn’t about race because both the Nazis and the Jews were white. It all depends on your definition of race, and the question of whether Judaism is a race or a religion (it’s a club, in my view) is one that is often debated among Jews.
So, she’s been suspended from The View, a show whose entire premise is four or five ignorant female celebrities, each of whom is dumb as a box of rocks and collectively they are dumber than that, talk about the issues of the day.
My original reaction was to gloat, because I dislike her so much, but it is similar to the Joe Rogan case. Those who accuse him of racism point to an interview with Jordan Peterson, in which they say the terms Black and White are irrelevant because there’s a wider range of skin tones than that and almost nobody is actually black or white. Joe’s phrasing was pretty bad when he said ‘You’d have to go to deepest, darkest Africa where nobody’s wearing any clothes to find somebody who’s pure black.’ I’m not looking up the exact words but that was the gist.
In summary, I still like Joe Rogan, I still hate Whoopi Goldberg, I still believe in free speech, and I still think people get offended over petty shit way too easily.

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  1. Meh. I happen to think that people get ‘offended’ as a ploy to sling mud. In any case, expecting a person living on the wrong side of the pond to have an opinion on putative events outside their experience – and language – and era is a representation begging to be mocked. Jeff Dunham has a fine YouTube clip on such dreck.

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