Who knows what goes on in the mind of Mark Zuckerberg? I sure do not but, since he is a public figure and, unlike the Kardashians or many other public figures, very important to all of our lives in a very real way, I’m going to go ahead and speculate.
It looks as if his big Metaverse project isn’t quite making the splash he hoped it would, and I suppose that’s a pity. The world needs a really good, new site. This just doesn’t appear to be it. I suspect (and, admittedly, my knowledge of Mark Zuckerberg is mostly based on having seen “The Social Network”) that the problem is that Mark Zuckerberg, who is undoubtedly a computer genius, struck it rich with one big idea, and doesn’t actually have another one. He’s a computer whiz, but he’s not great with people, and that makes him, in some ways, a bad businessman.
Now, he has announced that he wants all of his employees to be known as ‘Metamates.’ That does not actually address any of his problems, and it’s the kind of dick idea some middle management type who has to say or do something just to remain relevant would come up with. It’s not such a super snazzy nickname that it’s going to suddenly endear him to the whole world, and it’s kind of insulting to his employees.
The best thing Mark Zuckerberg could do, for the world in general, for Facebook, and for himself, most of all, would be to just step down, hand over control, and let Facebook evolve in whatever direction it evolves.

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