What is Hunter’s Role?

Do you remember a couple years back, during the Democratic primaries, when I, and a lot of other Bernie supporters, were saying “Hey, isn’t it strange how Joe Biden’s son works for a Ukrainian oil company, and back when Joe was vice president he managed to get the Ukrainian guy who was investigating that oil company for corruption fired?” ?
I’m guessing that a lot of Bernie Bros remember, but most VBNMW types do not. After all, they brushed it aside as being of no importance at the time, so it’s not likely it’s fixed deeply in their memories.
“So what?,” they said. “He’s an adult, he’s allowed to have a job.”
I think, now that a lot of people are talking about Ukraine like it might be the flashpoint of WWIII and the complete destruction of life on Earth as we know it, it might be a good moment to reflect on that. On how we said maybe it wasn’t a good idea to elect somebody president because he was working with an oil company in Ukraine (Hunter was working for, and if Joe was exerting influencing the Ukrainian government on their behalf, with is the correct preposition), and that what’s done in secret very often winds up not to have been a good idea.
I don’t think we will wind up with WWIII. But, I do think it’s a good time to think back to those days, which were not so very long ago, and ask once again – just what the hell is Hunter Biden doing in Ukraine, anyway.

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