New Movie Ideas

It is no secret that Hollywood is out of ideas. Superhero movies are great, but there are about a million of them out there now. Star Trek has had more films than the average fan can keep track of. Romances are repetitive. Murder mysteries are repetitive. We all long for something new.
And then along comes reality. No matter how it ends, the war in Ukraine has provided plots for lots of new films. People like real life stories. People like war films, too, and the reason Hollywood has been a bit slow in making them is that in every war for the last half century, the American’s have been the bad guys. Right now, the Russian’s are the bad guys and the whole world is in love with Ukraine.
Just look at all the stories that could be made into movies:
A band of gypsies in a south Ukrainian village steal a Russian tank. It’s a heist movie, it’s the downtrodden among the downtrodden rising up heroically. Also, it’s set in the Roma community, so the music will be great and there will be lots of sexy women. Key ingredients in any Hollywood blockbuster.
The engineer who blew up a bridge, and himself in the process, to stop the Russians from getting across. Think of ‘A Bridge Too Far,’ The Bridge Over The River Kwai,’ ‘The Bridges at Toko-Ri’ and other great war movies with ‘Bridge’ in the title.
Speaking of hot women, what about Miss Ukraine of 2015, Anastasia Lenna, joining up to fight. In fact, I have seen a whole lot of pictures of hot Ukrainian women in uniform. That could be a whole series.
Or, a biopic of Vitaly Kitchko. World heavyweight champ so the first half of the movie is him battling through the ranks to make it as a boxer, like Rocky (and his brother on the same career path, like the Venus and Serena Williams of boxing), and then he gets elected mayor of Kiev, and then he goes to war, valiantly defending his home town.
Or, indeed, Volodomyr Zelensky. That would be the most meta biopic ever. Like Ronald Reagan, he was an actor before becoming president. He starred in such movies as “Love in the Big City,” “Love in the Big City 2,” and “Love in the Big City 3,” but is most famous for his starring role in a very popular TV series “Servant of the People” in which he portrays a fictional Ukrainian president. Now, as president, he has donned the uniform (famously responding to an American offer of sanctuary with “I need ammunition. Not a ride.”) and is inspiring the resistance.
There are many more. The baby born in the Metro. The brewery that donated so many bottles for the making of Molotov Cocktails. The two Russian soldiers who ran out of gas so went to the local police for help. (that one’s a comedy)
Get cranking, Hollywood. The public is hungry.

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