The Dumbest Solution

First, let me be clear. The problem is guns, and the sooner that problem is ended, by banning AR 15s and making any guns so difficult to purchase that a questionable person would never be able to get their hands on one, the better.
Right wing gun nuts have talked about a lot of other solutions, like arming teachers or giving all the kids bulletproof backpacks, but one of the stupidest solutions I’ve heard comes from one of the stupidest people in the world, Senator Ted Cruz, from Texas. He says that every school should only have one door. First of all, that’s a fire hazard. It would be ironic (Alanis Morrisette definition, which is the way we all use the word) and tragic to be so well defended against a possible lunatic gunman that all the children in the school die in a blazing inferno. Secondly, a gunman only needs one door. If there are guards at the door, which would mean waiting in a long line every day to get into school, thus increasing tardiness and truancy, then the guards would be the first to be shot, and after that you’re back to square one because you’ve got a gunman inside and the police sure as hell aren’t going to go in.
A far better solution would be LOTS of doors. New schools should be built in which all classrooms are on the ground floor, with their own door to the outside, so that as soon as a shot is fired in one classroom, the rest of the building could be evacuated in seconds.
Of course, that still means a skilled marksman could take down one classroom full of kids and a few more as they’re racing across the lawn but, hey, not every deranged psychopathic kid is a great marksman, so it would reduce the deaths at least.
Or, we could just ban guns.

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