A Totally Irrational Position

Like far too many Americans, I have family members who are obsessed with guns, and I respect their intelligence and character – in all other things. But, I’m tired of arguing with them about guns as if they had a normal, rational position. They do not.
This is not about mental health and, if it were, that argument only bolsters the anti-gun side because if our society is so completely off the rails, it is definitely not a good idea for people to have easy access to guns.
They start in on arguments about types of guns and terminology, which is just to display that they know a lot about guns, and it’s like people arguing over the merits of their favorite superheroes – it can be fun if you’re in that group, but everybody else in the world is wondering what is wrong with you, what deep void in your life you are trying to fill.
They make completely daft comparisons like “Drugs are illegal but people still get drugs” as if it is futile to ever pass a law against anything, and they say “well, if you ban guns people can kill just as many other people with knives, or baseball bats” which is so far from true that you flat out can’t get there from here.

They are more than a few nut jobs giving the rest a bad name. They are a significant enough number of nut jobs that they can influence elections, and legislation. And, in the wake of yet another murderous rampage, I am tired of pretending that they have a rational, or even sane, position.

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