Don’t Hold Your Breath

Yeah, there’s a lot of talk about the January 6th hearings. But don’t expect anything to come of them.
For one thing, that’s January 6th, 2001. It’s an event that took place a year and a half ago. Most people have moved on. I saw a line in a newspaper article that said the hearings were being watched ‘live, by 19 million people!’ as if that were a big deal. That’s less than 1 out of 15 Americans.
For another thing, congress is not going to send an ex-president to jail. They never prosecuted Bush the younger despite his clear reveling in war crimes and torture, they never prosecuted his dad although he had plenty of war crimes of his own, and Reagan was never prosecuted for selling arms to the Iranians in order to give that money to an organization in Nicaragua that raped and murdered nuns.
Politicians are like rich people. Almost none of them go to jail despite the fact that almost all of them should.
Point three, this is just a hearing, not an actual trial. Congress can wrap it up with whatever recommendations they like, and then nothing will happen anyway.
I predict they’ll conclude the hearings and congratulate themselves for having ‘exposed’ Trump (who was very well exposed all along, exposure is his whole thing) and move on to the next thing that has nothing to do with saving the Earth or improving the lives of anybody who’s not filthy rich, and people will accept that.
I’m not happy about it, but that’s how it’s going to happen, because that’s how it always happens.

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