A Tale of Two Apartments

Well, the first thing we noticed when we checked into our place in Heraklion was how different it was to our place in Chania. Well, actually, a bit outside of Chania, but we’re a bit outside of Heraklion, too, so fair enough.
First, that was much more of an air b and b vibe, we were the only people in a two apartment house, and we only met the owner once, when she came to let us in. This place is actually a hotel. There, it was a long walk down to the beach and a much longer walk back up. Here, we are about two blocks from the beach, and it’s on the flat. There, we had the pool to ourselves, here, there are lots of kids running around. Helena sees that as a point for the first place. I rate it the other way. There, all the restaurants, the supermarket and everything were along that beach, so we planned our day so that we’d make the trip once. Here, we are in a neighborhood with everything nearby, so that will not be an issue.
On the way here, we stopped in the town of Rethymno, which at first I thought we should just not bother, too much hassle with traffic just to wander around the tourist/market district in another town, but I was pleasantly surprised. Although traffic was a nightmare, once we found a parking place the town was lovely.
We had gyros for lunch, and they were charging fast food prices for table service and the waiter was rushing around, speaking to people in Greek, English, German and he even knew a few words in Czech, or more likely Polish, he said “Djenkuji”, but I was very impressed.
Today, we are off to Knossos to get our history fix and try to be cultured people who are not just here for the beaches and the food.


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