The Aquarium and Heraklion

Yesterday, we went to Crete Aquarium because we’d heard it’s nice and it was. I got a senior discount, Isabel still qualifies for the children’s discount, and Sam got a student discount, so Helena was the only one who paid full whack and it was, therefore, quite affordable. It was cool, lots of different fish, some sea turtles, lobsters, crabs, ,jellyfish, rays and the weirdest looking of all, morays. One thing I liked was there were plenty of nice, wooden benches to sit and relax and contemplate the big tanks, sort of a meditative experience, as you watched the parade of screaming kids walk by, which doesn’t bother me too much as places like this are primarily meant for people like them.
After that, we went to the beach which was right in front of the parking lot and it was kind of amazing in that it was a completely natural beach – there were no deck chairs and umbrellas, no change rooms, showers and toilets, no nothing other than sea and land, and very few people. It was very nice.
Then we drove back to our place, showered, changed and took a bus into Heraklion. We were quite surprised to see that people were still wearing masks on public transport. Not everybody, but enough that we kind of felt out of place and got some for the way back.
We’re now having sort of an interim morning, Helena has done some laundry, we spent a bit of time at the beach this morning and then just by the pool, and we’re planning on going back into Heraklion for a museum or two this afternoon, and probably a meal.
It’s a lovely place, and of course it’s touristy, but less so than Chania, I think.


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