Easter Weekend

We’re heading off up to the cottage in a few minutes, me and Sam by bus, Helena and Isabel are already there, so I’m writing today’s blog in the morning and I’ll write tomorrow’s in the evening when we’re back, thus saving a bucketload of frustration trying to figure out how to write it on a phone.

Those are painted eggs.  And you don't cut down the tree.

Those are painted eggs. And you don’t cut down the tree.

I am not a big fan of Easter. It was my least favorite holiday as a child – the drudgery of getting dressed up to spend a holiday with your oldest and dullest relatives did not seem very festive to me, and the fun of searching around the house for colored eggs and then getting a bit of chocolate was not quite adequate compensation.
Easter in the Czech Republic is a bit weirder, what with the whips and all. The Easter trees are rather pretty, but they do not stir any deep emotions. It is still not my favorite holiday, and I decided a few years back that I would go ahead and side with the feminists on the whip issue. Even though it’s generally a fairly harmless thing, I’ve definitely seen a few guys who enjoyed it too much. So, I don’t participate, and that makes for even a duller holiday.
Basically, despite the obviously pagan symbolism and the need for a holiday of joyous renewal, to welcome in the summer, Easter is a Christian holiday and I’m very much in favor of leaving them to it.
I celebrate Carodejnice (Walpurgisnacht) where they burn a witch (not a real one. There might be a few real ones in the crowd but even they are dressed up as fake ones.) People eat hot dogs, there might be a band afterwards, and it’s just a good time.
That’s about 3 weeks from now.
In the meantime, have a Happy Easter, whatever you do, or just a nice rest of the long weekend. I’ll post again Monday evening.


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