Epi Crap Battles of History!

Got back from the cottage/Easter weekend today and I am glad that is over with for another year but the highlight of the weekend for me was the IQ park in Liberec, lots of fun exhibits for the kids, most of which had nothing to do with IQ at all but funny visual tricks and stuff like that.erb
As soon as I got back I glommed onto facebook because I am such a fucking addict but soon realized that I hadn’t been gone long enough, not even 48 hours, and hadn’t really missed anything. A couple of friends trying to get me to join a new site which is like the Icelandic facebook but I just got a ‘this page not available’ notice so I’ve given that up for now.
Since I haven’t watched any Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube for a while I decided to check them out and see if there were any new episodes posted, which led to an hour or so of binge watching.
With the first couple I kind of thought “Eh, the franchise has lost its magic, this is getting a little threadbare.” The best line in Ellen Degeneres vs. Oprah Winfrey was “you’re going to get licked by a lesbian” and Bonnie and Clyde vs. Romeo and Juliet was pretty lame, too.
It’s hard to compete with such classics as Abe Lincoln v. Chuck Norris, Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking or, my all time favorite, Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers (Your name is Mr. T because your too dumb to spell). I understand.
Then things picked up, though. William Wallace vs. George Washington was good, with both getting in some good jabs, but Edgar Alan Poe vs. Stephen King was brilliant – I’m certainly a fan of both artists, and I’m not sure who won the rap battle.
Then there were my two favorites. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. the Italian Artists they were named after. The old masters went first and the rhymes were poppin’, I thought they were unbeatable until the Turtles came on.
The very best, though, had to be Lego Thor vs. Lego Zeus, with all sorts of jokes about mythology, “shape shifting rapist something something Swan shlong,” plus lots of Greek and Scandinavian jokes. We don’t hear enough of those.
If you love mythology, and aren’t the type to be bothered by a serious streak of filthy language, it’s one of the funniest things you could watch on YouTube.
I think these would be a great way to teach kids about history, but I’m not going to be the one to tell them about it. This is the kind of thing they absolutely have to find out about behind their parents’ back.


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