9/11 It Won’t be Over Until We Know the Truth

Former Senator Bob Graham (D-Fl) wants the government to release 28 pages of documents he says will prove that the Saudi government was involved in 9/11.
Bob Graham is no slouch. He was a governor before he was a

George W. Bush and Saudi King Abdullah

George W. Bush and Saudi King Abdullah

Senator, and was once a serious presidential prospect. He was on the committee that ‘investigated’ 9/11. He’s seen these documents. He is not Alex Jones. This is huge news.
Not just because it means the FBI knew stuff about 9/11 they kept hidden from the general public. Not just because they knew a foreign government, which was not that of Saddam Hussein, was involved. Not just because they’ve been lying to us all these years.
Rather, because of the closeness between George Bush and the Saud family, and also the Bin Laden family. (Saudi Arabia, let us not forget, is an old school monarchy. The nation of Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the world which is actually owned by one family. The Saud family. That’s why they call it Saudi Arabia.)
Because we still don’t know who gave the order to evacuate a bunch of high level Saudi citizens (including many Bin Laden relatives) immediately after 9/11, or why.
Because if the Saudis were involved, it suddenly becomes very likely that Bush was involved.
Of course the documents should be released. Two wars have been fought over this, and are now over. Millions of lives and trillions of dollars are gone. There is no way any information contained in those 28 pages can possibly hurt national security more than it’s been hurt already.
It is, most definitely, not ‘too soon.’


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