The Imitation Game

Just saw ‘The Imitation Game’ at our local, outdoor, 50 kč cinema.  It was packed, and some people were sitting on the ground in front of the rows of chairs, and there was an extra seating session over to the side, on the gazebo platform.  It was good to be outside in the evening, after a bloody hot day and a complicated mess of delayed and rerouted trams, and it was even pleasant when the wind whipped up late in the film and there were leaves blowing in the lights of the projector, it added a bit of drama.

It really would have been a bleak film without her

It really would have been a bleak film without her

I enjoyed the film tremendously.  Even though I tend to think both Benedict Cumberbodkin and Keira Knightley are somewhat over-rated in their profession, I managed to forget about that and get swept away in the story – although I suspected that the Keira Knightley character was a fictional creation, just so the film wouldn’t be all a bunch of guys standing around arguing about math.

That was one of the things I checked on Wikipedia as soon as I got home.  The film was closer to historically accurate than I gave it credit for, and Joan Clarke, Knightley’s character, was real.

I also suspect that the epiphany in the pub scene was just Hollywood, it was too cute by half and very  similar to a scene in “A Beautiful Mind.”  But, I don’t know.  That wasn’t in the wikipedia article, but you can’t expect every little detail to be.


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