The Road to Utopia

The thread was actually about how Chinese builders put together a house, from 3D printed materials, in 3 hours, and it looked like a really nice house.  The thread, as comment threads tend to do, was spreading out all over the place, and I said something about how we could have a perfect world and it’s a darned shame nobody reads Buckminster Fuller any more, and somebody  responded with (I’m paraphrasing broadly here) haha, you’re so silly, how do you expect to do that?

Three hours, and a luxury villa  at that

Three hours, and a luxury villa at that

That was last night and it took me that long to come up with this response, and it’s blog length, so I’m just going to plagiarize myself and repost my  riposte here:

Well, since Charles so correctly pointed out the need for a plan and I said I would get to work on a plan, I feel I at least owe a response. However, this is not the plan.
The plan for how to get from where we are – a world divided into over 200 nations, with thousands of languages and religions and more ideologies than you could shake a stick at; a world which is polluted to a horrifically unhealthy degree; a world in which billions of people are struggling just to not starve to death; a world which erupts into war at the slightest reason, even the slightest pretext – to a utopian paradise where all the food that people need can be plucked from the trees like in the land of the Eloi, where everybody has a clean comfortable home with all the conveniences of modern life, where clean water and clean air are considered a natural part of existence, where mag-lev trains link the world and children go to school every day in clean, safe, well lit classrooms – would take thousands of pages and lots of technical drawings.
This is the plan for how to come up with the plan.
Yammering at each other on facebook can be, occasionally, illuminating but there is far more noise than productive sound, so facebook is not the answer. What we need is something that is not social media but idea media, a place where we can debate every issue to conclusion, and by conclusion I mean consensus.
It should be a site which starts with the question ‘How can we make the Earth a wonderful place to live and ensure the healthy continuation of the human race?’ There would be no friending or unfriending. Everybody who’s on is on with everybody else. Memes, or original posts, get posted ONCE. All comments directed to the same post. Comments monitored, stupid comments tossed, expert comments encouraged. Periodic polling of participants and redefining of arguments, until consensus is reached. Until we come up with a plan.


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