Last Night of the Trip

The tent is set up at Camp Vltavin just south of Cesky Krumlov and there is Wi-Fi, but I’m still trying to finish this before the battery dies or it gets too dark to see, whichever comes first and that’s a toss-up.vltava

We left Innsbruck at about 10 this morning and after several traffic jams arrived in Salzburg at about 1 p.m.  Why are there so many traffic jams when you are a long way in any direction from any urban concentration.  There are just too damned many cars on the road, Europe has adopted that bad American habit and there is no place on Earth safe from the automobile’s vile influence.

Salzburg was lovely, it looks a lot like Prague, castle on a hill overlooking everything, a large pedestrian zone full of souvenir shops – Isabel said that Salzburg should be known as “The City of Souvenirs”- and a very pleasant walkway along the river.  There was the usual assortment of buskers, bubble makers and human statues.  We had kebab for lunch, and hit the road again about 4, and pulled into camp about 7:30.

We won’t need reservations, Helena had said.  It’s a huge camp, they have lots of room, she’d said.  We crested the hill and saw the camp – it looked like California in the Gold Rush or a sold out rock festival.  Tents covering every square inch of ground.  They told us if we could find a spot, we could stay, and we did.  Right next to the restaurant, so we won’t get to sleep until late tonight.  They’ve got a live band playing and Czechs love to drink beer when they are on a canoeing weekend ‘in the nature’ as they say.

I’ve seen a few other families with children but the primary demographic is definitely younger, and drunker.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll take a canoe – or maybe canoes, if they won’t let us all squeeze into one- they’ve let us get away with it before, but the kids are getting bigger.  Then tomorrow evening we’ll drive home.

Next blog from Prague.


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