Wild Water

OMG, forgot to blog last night despite the fact that we got home in plenty of time, so I’m going to cheat and backdate this and write another one tonight.

Česky Krumlov

Česky Krumlov

The canoeing trip was something special, one for the books, kind of amazing.  I am stiff today to the point where I am nervous about it, have been stretching a lot and hope it works out.

At the first weir, we took on a lot of water, I thought it would be O.K. but the canoe tipped seconds later.  We took it into shore and started the process of getting the water out of the boat, which is not as easy as you would think.  They are heavy with lots of water in them so not so easy to tip over and if you do it in the water, more rushes in.

While we were struggling, we saw plenty of other people tip over, so at least we weren’t so bad.

The second tipping, though, was entirely my fault.  I thought “Well, we got most of the water out of the boat, let’s just move on and the kids can continue to bail as we go.”  But, we had too much, we were unbalanced , and, although we realized this and tried to make it back to shore, we hit a plume of fast water and tipped right over again.  That time was scary and I’m glad the kids had the presence of mind not to drown.

This time we bailed out the boat a bit more seriously before heading on again, and didn’t dump it for the rest of the trip, although the kids skipped most of the weirs, walking around and meeting us on the down side.

Going through Česky Krumlov was quite an experience, looking up at the tourists lining the bridges, the restaurants and pubs along the way, all the beautiful buildings and the castle up on the hill.  There were a lot of groups with themes floating down the river.  One, I suspect, was a stag party because all of the guys were wearing pink straw hats except one guy with a top hat.  There was a Flintstone boat, four hot girls and one lucky guy wearing leopard print robes over their swimsuits.  The most unbelievable was a guy in a Tux and a girl in an elegant black dress and in the middle of their canoe a highly polished French Horn.

I’m sure they weren’t doing the whole course, though, just there were the water was calm, and someone filming them from the bridge.

Most of the way, though, was through more natural countryside, saw lots of dragonflies and butterflies and even a fish that jumped right out of the water.

It was beautiful, but I think next time we’re going to rent one of the rubber rafts.  Didn’t see any of those tip over.


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