Biden: His Time?

Will Joe Biden run?  A couple of months ago, before Bernie Sanders, I would have been thrilled at the prospect.  I like Joe Biden.  I think most of his ‘gaffes’ are not gaffes at all, but high level trolling (i.e. “This is a big fucking deal”).  Joe likes  to talk, a lot, he’s a garrulous sort of guy, but he’s smart, he’s competitive, he would kick the ass of any Republican running, and probably be a reasonably competent president.  Also, he’s not Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

But, now we do have a viable alternative to Clinton, and he’s also a viable alternative to Joe Biden.  Bernie Sanders  is articulate, as are Biden and Clinton.  He’s also more liberal than either of them, a true FDR style Democrat, and that’s why I’m supporting him.

Speaking strictly in terms of sporting events, I think Biden has a shot.  He’d siphon off establishment votes from Clinton, he might take away a few from Sanders who actually like Sanders but are worried that he just might be too liberal to win, after all.

He’d do well enough in Iowa and New Hampshire to stay in the race and it might wind up as a hung convention (haven’t had one of those for a while), where he’d have an insiders advantage.  If he gets Obama’s endorsement (Obama can’t very well endorse anybody else – he’s either going to endorse Biden or stay neutral) that might swing it all his way.

(I’m ignoring O’Malley, Chafee, and Webb in these calculations on the grounds that so is everybody else in the country.  Their campaigns have just not caught fire, and they’re not likely to now.)

The main thing to remember is, whoever gets the Democratic nomination will win the presidency.  Not that that is the way the country is tending, there are still a very large number of Republicans and Republican sympathizers out there, but out of the 16 or so candidates running, they haven’t got a single one who isn’t a complete loony toon.

Their latest entry, John Kasich, who seems to be running on a platform of “I’m not as crazy as the rest of those guys,” says that climate change might be man-made, but we still shouldn’t do anything about it because it’s God’s will.

Of course it’s a Democratic year.  If it winds up being Biden, I could live with it.


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