New Job

First day of the new ‘job’ went well, I think.  I put job in quote marks because it’s not really what most people would call a job, and also because I really don’t know if it will last.

I am the Tarot reader in residence at an art gallery.  I don’t get a wage, or a salary.  I have a cup on the table for donations.  If people donate enough, I gie them one of my books of poetry as a ‘gift.’

I will ‘sell’ more books this way, if today is any indicator (sold four) than I do through Amazon or Kindle.

I only did eight Tarot Readings all day, and they were the usual range.  There was the guy who totally believed in it who wanted reading after reading and, since he was first, I accommodated him.  There was the guy who claimed not to speak English but when he eventually sat down to the table his English was not bad at all.  There was about an even mix of men and women.  There were more Czechs than anybody else but there was a Frenchman, a Pole, and a Russian as well.

Isabel was not impressed with the number of readings.  “You worked hard today?  Pffft.  You just sat around counting your cash.”  I didn’t really make that much cash, but I liked the image.  That’s the job I want.

Also, in between readings I wrote a poem.  So, it was all around time well spent.  I’m glad I’ve got tomorrow off, though, even though it’s not entirely off.  Must get cranking on that translation. or rather proofreading, of the book about all the people bleeding to death in Iran. buac in the ’50s.


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