Bernie in the Lion’s Den

I think Bernie Sanders may have just won the election.  Not the nomination.  The election.

Sanders Speaking at Liberty U.

Sanders Speaking at Liberty U.

When I heard he  was going to speak at Liberty U., I thought “that’s righteous of him.”  Speaking to a hostile crowd.  I figured he might gain a few votes from people who otherwise wouldn’t have voted for him in a million years, and in the very worst case, he  would get credit for showing up. Obama did something similar, and it didn’t hurt him any.

When a saw a short clip on how he answered the abortion question, I heard a few shouts of approval, from women’s voices, even though most of the crowd was stony silent.  “Well,” I thought, “maybe this crowd isn’t as monolithic as I thought.  Maybe he WILL get a few votes.”

Then, just an hour or so ago, I saw this.  It is from a graduate of Liberty U., who is a preacher. It is not a “well, Sanders may have some good points” kind of endorsement.  It was not an “I thought he seemed like a nice guy, but…” type of qualified statement.

“Lightning hit my heart in that moment” is a little bit stronger than that.  He compares Sanders to John the Baptist.  He compares Sanders to Jesus himself.  He says “this wild haired Jew” quite a few times, but it was in a positive context each and every time.

I was expecting Sanders to hold his own in that crowd, not to win them over.  But win them over he did, apparently.  There is no stopping the guy.


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