A Bitg of Amateur Punditry

So far, the 2016 American presidential election, the political version of Superstar, is shaping up as a repeat of the 2012 election on the Republican side, and a repeat of 2008 on the Democratic side.

Donald Trump is probably most analogous to Michele Bachmann:  brash, outspoken, and crazy narcissistic.  If I recall correctly, she was leading in the polls at this point as well, but she totally lost in Iowa and she was out.  I expect that to happen to Trump as well.  At least I hope so.

Bush is Mitt Romney, although I think his campaign is in even worse shape than Romney’s was at this point.  Maybe Rubio is Mitt, but I suspect Bush still gets the backing of the oligarchs, because he is one of them.  If this really does play out to be a replay of 2012, Bush will get the nomination after every single one of the other candidates flames out spectacularly.

Ben Carson, of course, is Herman Cain, both for being the token black guy and for being nuts.  I think the pyramid thing is even funnier than Cain’s ‘You becky becky beckystan’.

John Kasich is John Huntsman.  Although I seriously doubt that he is as smart as Huntsman, he is still too sane and intelligent to be considered seriously as a Republican candidate.

Rand Paul, of course, is this year’s Ron Paul.

Chris Christie is Newt Gingrich, and not only because they are both fat.  Well, partly because they’re both fat.  But Christie is definitely in a class of his own on that score.

On the Democratic side, Martin O’Malley is this year’s John Edwards.  So, check for mistresses.

Hillary Clinton, of course, is reprising her role as Hillary Clinton.

Which makes Bernie Sanders this year’s Barack Obama.  May it be so.


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