Duch and Dobble

We often complain about how dumb kids are today.  They don’t read books.  They can’t write cursive.  And so on.



Probably the same things our parents’ generation said about us, but a bit more extreme.  After all, we are, with the advent of the computer age, at the cutting edge of history and no generation is as different from the previous generation as the next generation, and that’s just going to get more extreme with each generation from here on out.

But, they’re not stupid.  There are a couple of games my  daughter seriously likes.  One is called Duch (Ghost) and the  other is called Dobble, which I presume is Dobble in English, too.

Duch is weird.  There are like 6 or 7 tokens, a white ghost, a gray mouse, a red chair, a blue (I think) bottle, etc…  All of the tokens are in the middle of the table.  A card, with a picture on it, is played, and it will have 3 or 4 things on it, say for instance a red ghost sitting in  a blue chair and a gray mouse on the floor.  So, whoever grabs the gray mouse token quickest takes the card.  If there is no exact match on the card, it’s whichever of the tokens doesn’t match the card AT ALL.  For instance, if the  card has a red ghost sitting in a gray chair and holding a white book, then you would need to look for the token that wasn’t represented at all, either by color or by object.  Isabel spots it while I’m still trying to take in the scene.

Adults don’t stand a chance.

Same with Dobble, which is a card game that I am even amazed by the premise, this should not be mathematically possible.  There’s a deck of cards, I’d say about 60 or 70 of them, and each of them has 8 or 9 pictures on them.  There’s a ghost, an igloo, sunglasses, an anchor, a Yin-Yang symbol, a cartoon bomb, a spider, a spider web, a car, a question mark, a shamrock, a drop of water, a bird, etc…Each card has precisely one picture in common with every other card in the deck but only one.  Whoever spots it first wins the card.  Again, she thrashes me every time.

I thought she was maybe some sort of prodigy but we were baby sitting our niece and nephew last night, and this morning our niece, who is 6, also kicked my butt at Dobble.  Several times in a row.

Reflexes like lightning, these young kids.  Instant pattern recognition.  Maybe it’s age.  But, I seriously think their intelligence is differently prioritized than our own.  It’s  evolution.  Right in front of our eyes.


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