The Complete Lack of a Bottom

Time will tell, it could happen soon, but I don’t think so.  Despite Ben Carson being caught lying about his offered scholarship to West Point, and caught lying about getting a medal for honesty (bonus points for that one), and caught lying about

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

trying to stab that kid (seriously, Dr. Carson, you’ve got it all backwards.  That’s the kind of stuff you’re expected to lie about if you DID it, not if you didn’t), he hasn’t announced that he’s dropping out of the race.

Despite that ridiculous comment about how the Pyramids were used to store grain (This is what is referred to as an unforced error. Nobody asked him about the pyramids.  Their purpose is completely irrelevant to American politics.), I haven’t heard about his popularity dropping.

Despite his whiny outrage at being asked questions (“I don’t remember Barack Obama getting this kind of scrutiny.”  Yes, he really said that.), I have a Republican friend or two on facebook who defend him.

Basically, when you ask the question: how low will the Republicans have to go before people realize they are completely nuts?, it’s like asking if there is intelligent life on other planets.  Theoretically, there must be.  But, we haven’t found it yet.  There seems to be no bottom to the well of stupid.


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