Three Years, No Change

Facebook has  introduced a new  feature, which I find a bit  irritating…..but….

Anytime they introduce a new feature, because of facebook’s unique and transitional role in the evolution of human intelligence, it has a unique result, we learn something new about the hive mind.

I love the birthday reminder feature.  It’s led to birthdays being much, much more widely recognized, and that’s a good thing.  Whenever you say Happy Birthday to somebody, there are two people in  the world who gain  a little bit of happiness: you and them.

I’m not  real big on the personality quizzes – who were you in a past life, what Harry Potter character are you, etc… I take them more often than I’d like to admit because I usually  don’t post the results.  I took one today, which had some actual, concrete results: what words have you used  most in the last year. Go, think, know, just, good.  So, I’m pretty bland.  I’m not going to publish that.

The new feature I’m talking about, though, is where they give you the chance to repost something you posted 3 years ago on this date.  Since I usually just post a link to this blog, I thought ‘this is going to be kind of boring.’  Two days ago it was about a couple of conversations I’d had in class and how a teacher needs to be a bit sensitive and not say the wrong things to the wrong students and it was interesting because it brought me right back to that day and those conversations, it was more than a photo because there was dialogue, and plot.

Then yesterday, it was how surprised I was that the Tea Party hadn’t collapsed yet, where is the bottom, where, oh, where is the bottom, and an example cited was Marco Rubio.  Remember, this was from 2012.  Then, today, it was ‘Geez, won’t the Republicans EVER shut up about this Ben Ghazi nonsense.’

I don’t know how long this feature will remain interesting.  What it proves, though, is that nothing at all has changed in the last 3 years.



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