Incremental Changes on the Way to a Group Mind

One of my recurrent  fantasies is that some  day there will  be an internet comment thread with just the right people on it to get an actual back and forth going of ideas and information, such a collection of intellect and information and inspiration that it goes on for days, maybe weeks, at the frantic pace of a ping pong game between the Chinese and the Robots, and at the end of it you have a thorough, well thought out, serious plan for solving all major world problems which are, of course, totally interconnected.

It’s the group mind thing.  We’re not there yet, there’s still a lot  of lol and WTF going on, and we will probably never be rid of cats, but I think progress is being made.

Here are a couple of  things facebook friends of mine have started recently:  One woman, who I don’t actually know in real life although I find her updates interesting, and entertaining, has a thing going all she calls “Friday Wins.”  Every Friday, she invites all of us to reply with news of something that’s  going right with their lives or some recent accomplishment or whatever.

A friend I actually know in real life started an “Ask Hillary” page, where people pose questions for Hillary Clinton.  Of course, this friend is writing  the answers and, since he hasn’t actually changed his name to Hillary Clinton, it’s pretty  clear right off that he’s writing the answers.

It’s probably not  going to sway the upcoming eloection, but it’s funny as hell.

Another friend, who I also know in real life, had a status update today that said:  “Today only!  Free encouraging words.”  That’s actually kind of brilliant. Eveybody needs encouraging words.


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