The Necessity of a Multi-Colored Thought Process

We were on a thread about genetically modified organisms, and somebody pointed out how they thought it ironic that those of us who are pro-science, who accept the reality of global warming and evolution, who mock the anti-vaxxers and the bible thumping home schoolers, should be so up in arms against GMOs.a better world
The futility of the conversation struck me.  We’re just a bunch of people arguing on the internet, and the argument only has two sides.  Good or bad.  So many people writing, essentially, I agree or I disagree.
That’s bullshit.  Lots of issues, most issues probably, are more complex than that.
Monsanto has given GMOs a bad name, the same way that Nazis gave eugenics a bad name, the same way that Stalin gave communism a bad name.
Theory and practice. Human nature is such that where a system, an ideology, or a new technology allow for the possibility of abuse, abuse will creep in (witness also the internet: hackers, spammers, scammers, flaming, doxing and identity theft)
Black and White thinkers see this and say “See – communism is totalitarianism, eugenics is genocide, and GMOs are an attack on the food chain, an attempt at corporate control over the means of sustenance of the entire human race.”
I can understand the concerns, and agree with them up to a point, but the thing is: black and white thinking is not good enough for a complex world.
We need to feed all the people. We also need to protect the environment, and the food chain. Look out for endangered species. Prevent global warming. Prevent war. Take care of the refugees. Stop terrorism. Cure cancer. Protect the Internet. Keep it free.
Look at it all, in colors and shades of gray. Try to figure it out. That’s what we should be doing. A better world is possible.

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