Bogus Arguments

Of course, everybody’s talking about guns, and everybody’s entrenched in their positions.  I’m kind of surprised, in view of recent events, at how many people are posting pro-gun shit on my facebook page.

For one thing, I thought I had a serious liberal bias in my friends list.  A few gun nuts in my family, everybody’s got a couple, but not so many among my friends.

Second, you would think that after a string of tragedies like we’ve  just had, that the gun nuts would be a bit abashed and hold their fire for awhile.  Even if all you’re offering is prayers and a moment of silence, that at least requires silence.

I was wrong on both counts.  I’ve been reading a flood of pro-gun comments.  I’ve engaged a few of them, with a totally predictable lack of satisfactory results.

I usually just point out the Australian gun control law of 1996, because it’s impossible to dispute that it worked.  They always respond the same.  “You can’t compare Australia to the U.S.  The U.S. is so much bigger, and more diverse.  The U.S. has a gun culture, and a long history of guns.”

Well, so did Australia, prior to 1996.  That’s why they passed the law.  As far as more diverse, not so much.  Australia is a plenty diverse society.  Bigger?  Yeah, but so what?

Actually, ‘so what?’ is my response to all of these arguments.  So what if America is a larger country?  Australia made it illegal for 25 million (I’m estimating.  It’s half past midnight and I’m not going to shift screens to google it) people to own assault weapons.  The U.S. could make it illegal for 300 million people to own assault weapons. The principal is exactly the same.

Diversity?  So what?  I’m against white people owning assault weapons.  I’m opposed to black, and  Arabic, and Chinese people owning assault weapons.  I’m against both rich and poor people owning assault weapons.  I’m against women owning assault weapons, and old people  owning assault weapons, and handicapped people owning assault weapons.  Diversity doesn’t have shit to do with it.

As far as America’s long tradition with and love of guns, that’s exactly the thing that has to change.  The sooner the  better.


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