Jesus and the Jets

Oh, my, this you’ve got to see.  Well, you don’t actually have to see it.  You won’t die, or turn into a potato, or anything like that if you don’t click on it right now and watch it all the way through.

I’ m finding more and more on facebook that when someone says “You simply have to see this,” you probably don’t, and when they say “This will change the way you see something,” it probably won’t.

But, it is a funny bit.  It’s a couple of  mega-church,  radio evengelical type  preachers talking about  why people shouldn’t be getting so upset about Creflo Dollar and folks like them having private jets.

Their rationalizations  are hysterical.  You can’t just stand up in  coach and say “Yes, Lord, I hear  you, Lord” because the other passengers would roll their eyes and some busy body flight attendant would probably tell you to sit down and fasten your seat belt.

And besides, you have to be above the  crowd to save the world.  I mean, flying in coach is like going  into a tube with a bunch of demons.  Sure,  we’ve  all had a  seat companion now and again who was  less than pleasant, but demons?

The part that  cracked me up the most  was when the guy was talking about the  stagnation of prayer;  I’m sure what he was saying is “time for the Lord to give me a bigger, better plane.

Whatever.  Their fans keep giving them money, it’s not my problem.


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