Saudi Arabia v. Iran

Interesting development in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia recently executed a whole bunch of people, which they do every now and then and it shouldn’t offend Americans who are proponents of the death penalty too much, we do the same, except that they do it by beheading people, with a sword, the old fashioned way, just like Daesh.

(I’m going to use Daesh because people in Daesh really hate it, it’s like calling Teabaggers Teabaggers)

One of the people they executed was a Muslim holy man type, who was apparently quite popular in Iran.  So, crowds in Iran have stormed the Saudi Embassy and torched it.

It puts the U.S. in a rather awkward position.  Of course the U.S. government hates, hates, hates Iran (even though Iran is also opposed to Daesh, and the U.S. government, for some reason (oil) or combination of reasons (money and oil), loves, loves, loves Saudi Arabia and gives them billions of dollars every year for brand new airplanes so they can fly around in the desert and be useless.

So, it seems like it should be pretty easy for the U.S. to say “Hey, you’re over-reacting, you shouldn’t burn down buildings just because some other country is beheading people right, left and center and one of them is somebody you care about.” (lots of people get executed who nobody cares about, like women who’ve committed adultery).

Except then, the U.S. would very clearly be on the side of people who behead other people with swords.

The best thing for  all concerned is if the U.S. steps back and lets Iran and Saudi Arabia sort it out. And maybe stop giving the Saudis military aid, because the people who rule that country are shit people.


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