The Frustration of Dancing With Dragons

I’ve finally finished ‘A Dance With Dragons’ and here are  a few observations.  I have never before read a book I actually liked  so slowly – it took me months.  Partly that’s because I relegated it to public  transportation reading.  When I’m at home, no matter  how intense the plot, I  usually just start reading facebook instead.  I might  finish  the  chapter, but then  they switch  to another story entirely and  I find it very easy to put down for awhile.

That’s one of the books weaknesses,  but  also  one of its strengths: the number of different stories going  on in different parts  of that  fascinating world.

In fact, come to think of it, a lot of the things I hate about  the series are things I love about the series.  I like the way he kills off main characters with reckless abandon, although I hate it, of  course, when they are  characters  I’ve grown fond of and, in view of the fact that characters are dying right, left and center, there are quite a few I am bothered by the fact of  their continued breathing.

Probably you know who I mean, and probably you are in  agreement, although some of the characters are a bit of  a Rohrschach test. I have talked with a few people, mostly women, who don’t hate  Jaime Lannister near as much as I do.  Sure, he became a much more likable character after he got his arm  chopped off, and he  did save Brienne from almost certain death in  the bear pit, but still….he threw a 4 year old boy out of a window, with clear intent to kill, and I’m not forgiving  him for that.

I suspect he might actually be dead, though, but George R.R. Martin had  all of book 5 to clear that up, after he rode off  out of  that village with Brienne who couldn’t have really been Brienne because Brienne was pretty definitely hanged by the neck until dead, and he  didn’t.

Of course, people get brought back to life  almost as gratuitously as they get killed, so I suspect there’s  some weird zombie trickery going on here,  as with Catelyn  Stark,  since she’s the one who had Brienne hanged, and I  suspect Jaime rode  off to  a similar fate.

So, I will have to wait until book  6 (or maybe 7) to find out, and I kind of  resent that, but wait I will, and read it as soon as it’s written.


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