Hillary’s Impending Doom

Well, Super Bowl and American elections, I just have to wait  and get the news  the next day because there’s no way I’m waiting up until 3 or 4  in the  morning just to get  the results  from New Hampshire.

I’m  pretty confident in a big  Bernie  win.  Here’s why.  The town of Dixville Notch, where all of the town’s registered voters get up at midnight on the  morning  of election day, vote, and are  done, just so their town can be the first  one to vote, (I guess it’s a very  patriotic and American attitude, but I’m not  sure I’d  want  to live there), went big for  Bernie.  100% of the towns registered Democrats (4 people) felt the Bern.  100%  That looks  pretty  bad for Hillary.  On the Republican side, the town’s voters were split; 3 for  John “Let  ’em  starve” Kasich and 2 for Trump.  Trump, who stood on a stage in New Hampshire and  said Ted Cruz is a big pussy  for not wanting torture people enough.  He actually used the word ‘pussy.’  Seriously.

4-0 is pretty  big.  I wonder  if it was being told they’d fry like a frito in  the skillet of Hades if they didn’t vote for Hillary.  Or maybe the nasty rumors  coming out about her nasty habit of push-polling.  Or Gloria Steinem saying young women voting for Sanders were just looking for boys.  Or Bill, who I must confess I  rather liked when he was  president, saying  Bernie was a little man who lives in a box.

There are rumors afoot that Hillary’s planning a  big staff shake-up after New Hampshire.  Once again, it’s a replay of 2008.  What Hillary doesn’t understand, and didn’t understand in 2008, is that it’s not her  staff’s fault.

There are just a whole lot of people – myself among them – who don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president.  Or vice president.  Never, ever.


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