The Only Way Hillary Can Win

I woke up this  morning to the  joyous  news that Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire by nearly 20%; that he’d won every  demographic except people over 65 and  people making over $200,000 a year; that it was the most lopsided win in  a contested Democratic primary since John Kennedy won it in 1960.

Then this evening  I read that  Hillary Clinton will actually get more delegates out of  New Hampshire than Sanders.  To say I”m bothered by that is an understatement.


Do not think your votes count. I am the chosen one.

Of course, it’s  nothing new.  From the DNC’s limiting the number of  debates  and scheduling them at less than prime time, to the whole computer kerfuffle, to rumors that  county  chairs in Iowa  switched delegates  to Clinton and the DNC’s refusal to count all the votes there and now this, it has become clear that the only way Hillary can get the nomination is by flat out denying the will of the Democratic party’s voters.
That is not acceptable.

Of course, it’s the superdelegate system and this was known  in advance, but it’s still  infuriating.

One bright spot:  I’ve noticed that the Hillary supporters among my facebook  friends have been mostly  silent today.  I suspect that  some of them may actually be reconsidering.  I sure hope so.


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