Le Fin de Malheur

It looks like the mess at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, the battle of Burns, Oregon, is over at  last.  Cliven Bundy, the  rancher who started it all in 2014 when he gathered a militia to protest against having to pay  any  money to graze his cattle on land that did not belong to him, was arrested as he landed at Portland airport on his  way to join the Moron Militia.

The four men  who are  left  inside seem to be ready to give up, although they are still shouting insults at the FBI.  “You let Hillary Clinton run for president!!”  It shows how long they’ve been in there, how isolated they are.  Wait till they hear about  Bernie Sanders.

I think the incident could have been handled better. I don’t understand why the compound  wasn’t surrounded and cut off as soon as the occupation began.

But, in the end, only one militia  dude is dead, and he was as  big a moron as any of them.  I’m sure Lavoy Finicum will be missed by his friends and family, but not by very many other people in society as a whole.  No civilians, no children, and no law enforcement officials were killed or  injured.  So, it was handled far better than Waco, for instance.

It’s a point for Obama,  and a lesson for the future.  Restraint is a good thing.  Time can be made to work for the  good guys.


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