Meinong’s Jungle

These two things  are interconnected,  sort of, in that they are different aspects of a thought that  has been bubbling away  at the back  of my mind for many years.

This first quote appeared on my  facebook page today  and  it’s an interesting philosophical concept from a philosopher I’d  never heard  of before.  Meinong’s jungle.  Alexius Meinong was  an Austrian  philosopher, contemporary with Freud.


If you ask “Where are the non-existent objects?” the answer is, “Each in its own possible world.” The only trouble with that notorious thicket, Meinong’s jungle, is that it has not been zoned, plotted and divided into manageable lots, better known as possible worlds.

— Hintikka, Jaakko, The Logic of Epistemology and the Epistemology of Logic

Then, with that  thought sort of still in mind, but also inspired  by a poem someone else had  posted on the Occasional Poems page I frequently contribute to, I wrote this:

The poems we write
are thoughts we think
expressed in words
writ down in ink
as brick by brick
and block by block
we’ve built the world
through which we walk
so poem by poem
we fill our shelves
with abstract essence
of ourselves
a new day dawns
and we will find
a brave new world
of many minds

which  I kind of like.  All for  tonight.


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