The Warping of Time

What a day.  I read Tarot cards for almost 9 hours straight, with just a half  hour break for lunch, for which I probably did not charge near  enough  money, but it is a thing that I do that I love.  I am emotionally and mentally exhausted, but I feel really good.  It’s kind of like sports.  After a  long, brutal,  exhausting match of almost  anything, you feel exhilarated, but exhausted  and sore.  It hurts good.

It was a Valentine’s Day event at  a wax museum, which seems to be  a very  cool place and I am looking  forward to touring it some time  when I am not  working.  I only saw the tiny corner of it  where I was  working, but even that was impressive.  Those wax statues look real.

I don’t  remember  a lot of specific details of the readings.  From the time they opened at 10 o’clock I had a  fairly steady stream of customers and didn’t notice  the passage of  time  because I was so focused on each one, struggling to get the words  right, to try to  apply them to each stranger’s individual situation, trying to guess  who they were from their  appearance and the  way they spoke, to be kind when the  cards were not, and to leave everybody happy while giving them some enlightening  information.  So much can  happen in so little time that time both passes more swiftly and yet, so much new  information  comes in that  at the  end of the day, it seems as if weeks have passed.

I thought  I  was doing great  with  my steady stream of clients, but then, in a down moment, I looked over at the lady reading palms – she had a queue that  went all the way across the room to the  back wall.

About an hour after that, I realized I had a queue, too.  Not as long, but still.  No rest.  Then, an  interesting development  happened.  One  couple  asked  if a joint reading were possible and I said  ‘Sure, why not?’ because anything  is possible, the cards are a tool, we use them, they don’t use us.

After that, that  seemed to  be what most  people wanted  and the Tarot  reading  turned into a session of couples  counseling, for which  I’m fairly completely unqualified but, in fairness, so is everybody else in the world, even those doing it  professionally.  Who knows what  goes  on inside other people’s heads?  It is  an undiscovered country.

Anyway, I’m doing  it again tomorrow and very much  looking forward to  it.


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