Scalia Retires, the Hard Way

Antonin Scalia is dead and I’m happy about  that.  The man was an evil piece of shit, and the  world is a better place for him no longer being in it.  He was so pro death  penalty that he once said something along the  lines of “It doesn’t  matter if they’re innocent, if they’ve been proven guilty  in a court of law, it’s O.K. to execute them.”
Some people have  defended the quote, saying that  he was technically correct, it is within the law, but since he said that with regard to a case where someone was actually awaiting the  death penalty for a crime of which he’d been cleared, it’s pretty damned heartless, not to mention totally ass backwards.

There were a lot of  jokes going around facebook this morning:  Ding Dong, Antonin Scalia’s dead, What’s Clarence Thomas going to do now?, He  probably went  hunting with  Cheney, and, my  personal favorite, a  pre-emptive riposte to anyone who was about to say ‘too soon,’ not soon enough.

Some people say that we shouldn’t do this, it should be hands off when somebody dies and, of  course, Obama made a nice, gracious speech praising him, because Obama’s a classy  guy, but I’m not.  The  way I see it, we see police officers murdering people right in front of our eyes, we see people being killed by American bombs and nobody bats an eye, we have publicized death to the point it no longer shocks.

Sure, his family and friends are in mourning.  Hitler and his henchmen had family and friends, too.  Every drug lord who has been executed by the DEA in  the war on drugs had family and  friends, it didn’t stop the right wingers from gloating over their deaths.

The game has changed.  The gloves are off.  Know, if you are an evil shit who believes in using the courts as an instrument of oppression,  or starting wars for political expediency, that  people are  going to laugh about your death on facebook, drink champagne, and dance on your grave.

I will celebrate when Cheney dies, as well.


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  1. DW

    My favorite was from the Onion : “Scalia dies after thirty year battle against progressive social values”. Or something like that.

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