Minor Accomplishments

Today was not a busy day, by  any  stretch  of the  imagination, but it  was a nice day, not a hard  day,  and a couple of positive  things happened.

I got to my 8 o’clock class at 8 o’clock on the  dot, but my  student is  almost always late, by  about  10 minutes or  so.  I rang the bell, but wasn’t surprised there was no one  in the office  yet.  I waited fifteen  minutes, then sent  him a message.  So far, that’s pretty much our routine, and he usually  texts right  back  to say he’s stuck in traffic and he’ll be there shortly.

But he  didn’t, so I went for a walk, it was a lovely morning, not cold  at all, or actually raining at the moment, (I would  still have to teach his  colleague at 9 o’clock), got a couple of donuts, and then he texted.  So I had the lesson  after all, but  we agreed that, starting next week,  we’re going to move the  start time back  to 8:30, which is great for me because it means I can drop off  Isabel at school and still make  it on time  easily.

Came home, went through my e-mail, browsed facebook for a bit, took a nap for an hour, got up and reheated some mashed potatoes for lunch, with ham and eggs, then  added a couple of poems to my poems about paintings page.  One I wrote  about 3 weeks ago but never heard back from the artist so, what I do in that case is to try and find the same subject matter done by some famous and, most importantly, dead artist.  Sue me.  While looking for that, I found a poem I’d written around the same time which wasn’t inspired by a painting at all but, any waterfall would do for an illustration, so that one was easy.

By this time it was already 3:30 and I finally got down to the proofreading I was supposed to be doing.  I can’t say I did a lot, but did discover I’m further along with it than I thought, and we should finish the book by tomorrow with any luck.

All for tonight.  Pleasant dreams to all.


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