Chasing The Rabbit

Isabel has a friend sleeping  over, which  is fine.  I find one of the  great joys of parenthood is those  moments you’re not involved at all.  Just watching the kids playing with  other kids and laughing like crazy at really stupid stuff, like the motion activated minion voice on a card that starts talking, in minionese, whenever somebody comes into the room, or  when  they are dancing frenetically to a Wii program, is great.  I don’t  even have to think of something clever to say.

Sam was very gracious about giving up his bed and sleeping  on the  couch, there’s a bit of an advantage in that for him as he  gets to stay  up a bit later and watch TV.

The only problem  this  evening has been  Fifi.  She’d already been  out of her cage once today, for a couple  of  hours, and I  hadn’t planned to let her out again, but she overturned her litter box (which is an impressive effort for such a small creature using only her mouth) and I felt obligated (or, rather, Helena felt I was obligated) to clean it up.

So, we let her out, I cleaned it up, filled her food bowl and  figured that  would  be enough to entice her straight back in.  It was not.  I’m guessing that she is used to a one  or two hour  exercise period and  wasn’t about  to give it up just  because it came at an odd time of night.

Ah, well,  let’s  just give her a bit of time, we thought.  A  half hour later, I started chasing her around the living room, trying to cut off her angle of  escape  with  a broom, but  she wasn’t  having  it.

She’s back in now.  I’m not sure if it was the bribe of an apple, the dimming of the lights, or she just got tired of the game and decided to go back in.

And now  I’m turning in.  Fingers crossed for a miracle in Michigan.


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