The Miracle in Michigan

We needed this.  Not only is it a win in a major state, keeping us competitive in the delegate count, but it is a major morale booster, maybe even a game changer.  The fact that Sanders won, when the polls had him at 20 points down, gives us hope for Ohio, where he’s only down by 9, and Florida, and Illinois.



It turns around the “He can’t win so why bother voting” argument that Hillary’s people have been pushing incessantly on facebook.  If everybody who supports Bernie gets out to vote for him, he will win, and Michigan encourages them to do just that.

The interesting question, though, if we’re talking inside baseball, is how did the pollsters get it so wrong.  One possibility, of course, is that they were flat out lying.  I think that’s kind of a stretch, actually, because they’ve been right about a lot of other races so far, and they are not ALL owned by the same people who own the main stream media – I don’t think.

The article I read about it on Think Progress put forth several ideas – last minute get out the vote effort, high turnout on college campuses, advancement with African Americans. Those might all be factors, and they had the numbers to back them up, but I’ve got another theory.

It  is, like a lot of my theories, basically just a guess and, in this case, not even a well informed one.  Living in Europe, I didn’t actually watch the debate that took place just a day or two before the vote.  However, I heard plenty about it.  Mostly from Hillary supporters on my Facebook page who were ‘deeply offended’ that Bernie would tell Hillary to stop interrupting him.  So typically male.

I did see a clip of the exchange and it seemed to me (but I am a total Sanders supporter, so there could be a bit of confirmation bias on my part) that she WAS interrupting him, and prattling on during his allotted time, and talking over him, and generally acting like a Republican.

It could be a lot of people saw it the same way I did.


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