Do The Bernie Bongo

Up  to now, I’ve been fairly selective about what I share on  facebook.  It’s a bit of a snobbish thing on my part. I think of myself as an original content guy, so I post the link to this blog and an occasional observation in my status update, and maybe once a week or so, I’ve shared something, an  amazing dance performance or whatnot.

Mr. Sanders

Also, I figure if a meme or article or whatever is interesting, whole bunches of people are going to share it, so why should I bother.  I’m going to relax those rules for a while, because of politics, and one thing Bernie’s got going for him is he’s definitely spawned a lot of cool Bernie Sanders songs.  Just now I shared “The Bernie Bongo,” a very catchy tune, and yesterday I shared “The Bernie Sanders Song,” a fast piano ditty with Jib-Jab style animation.  I noticed just now that they both use the “Enough is enough!” line, which, come down to it, is a damned effective slogan.  There are a ton of them, and it seems people keep churning them out.  I’ve seen them from as far away as Japan, and in every style from country to rap.

One of my favorites, still, is one of the first ones I saw, from like October or so.  It was a parody on the old song Mr. Sandman, but it was Mr. Sanders, Bring Us a Dream.

I love them all.  It makes me feel good to listen to them, knowing that we have such a wealth of creative people on our side.  Hillary has nothing that even comes close.


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