Fuck Off, Hillary People

Today, I wrote a rather lengthy and detailed reply to someone in a political post but before I hit send, I did the prudent thing, which more people on Facebook should do, and read through it again.  I changed a few phrases here and there, shortened a couple of sentences, and changed the phrase ‘fuck off’ to ‘back off’ because you’re not likely to convince anybody of anything by saying fuck off, but I kind of wish I’d left it the original way, because it did more accurately express my sentiment.

It was in reply to one of those posts, which everybody has been receiving about 50 times a day for the last several months, saying “but of course you must vote for Hillary in the general election, or you’re supporting Donald Trump.”

Fuck off!  I do not owe you my vote.  If you can’t come up with any better argument for your candidate than “You are required to vote for her because the alternative is to let the psychopathic Nazi win” then maybe it’s time for you to admit that your candidate really sucks and you should switch your vote to Sanders.

And that is, in fact, the best argument they can muster.  The ‘experience’ thing is pretty weak when her entire experience consists of failures (Health Care), being on the wrong side of issues (the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, Fracking) and making mistakes.  The electability thing is total bullshit when all polls show Sanders crushing Trump and Hillary…well, there’s only a couple of percentage points dividing them and I don’t trust Hillary to hang onto a lead.  On the issues, those that she isn’t on the wrong side of are things where she changed her position relatively recently, to be more like Sanders.

But what really irritates me is their assumption that they’ve got this all wrapped up (especially in light of the recently revealed shenanigans in North Carolina).  It’s as if it’s half time in the big playoff game and your team is down by, let’s say, 9 points.  The opposing coach  walks over to you and says “Excuse me, we’re supposed to win this one.  All of the sportswriters said we would, we’ve clearly got the more experienced team, we’re winning and, you know, we wouldn’t like our star quarterback to be injured before the Super Bowl, so could you please just try not to hurt him, O.K.?  In fact, maybe you could just not come out for the second half, it would be the decent thing to do.”

You’d say “fuck off,” wouldn’t you?  Well, that’s the way I feel about Hillary supporters asking me to pledge party loyalty, and asking me to refrain from saying bad things about her.

Fuck off.


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