Bernie Sanders and Israel

Bernie Sanders is about as pro-Israel as  I am.  Maybe a bit more.  He spent a little time as a volunteer on a kibbutz.  I spent a lot of time as  a volunteer on various kibbutzim and moshavim.  He believes in Israel’s right to exist.  So do I.  He’s Jewish.  I’m half.  We both  object to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, although he’s against  any economic sanctions  against them and I think that might be a good  idea, but other  than that, we’re more or less  in synch.

Far more than all the other candidates, anyway.  Clinton, Trump, Cruz,  and I think  Kasich, too, gave speeches the  other day at the AIPAC conference.  AIPAC.  American Israeli Political  Action Committee.  It’s not anew thing, they’ve  been around for a long time, but think about that.  There is a group, in the United  States, whose job it is to raise funds (that’s what a PAC does) for candidates in American elections who support  Israel.  There  is no ASKPAC for South Korea.  No AMPAC for Mexico.  What is it about  Israel that it’s accepted, even taken for granted,  that this is O.K.?  What the hell does Israel have over the U.S.?

(personal conspiracy theory – they could spill the beans over  the attempted sinking of  the USS Liberty, in  June, 1967.  At the time it was put  down  to friendly fire, just an accident in time of war, but a lot of people  aren’t buying it, and think it was a plot, co-ordinated with  Lyndon Johnson, to get the U.S. into the war.)

I don’t know why any politicians alive today would  care about that, though.  So, it’s probably just money.

Anyway, while they were at AIPAC, promising to love Israel more than all the  others and do whatever Netanyahu wants, Bernie was thousands of miles away, campaigning in Utah.  The only true American in the bunch.
It’s a bit ironic that the Jewish  candidate is the only one who isn’t totally kissing  Israel’s ass, but there you have it.


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