It was actually a pretty good day for me, personally.  A brush  with bureaucracy which I’d been  dreading went off very smoothly, I helped an old man  walk for about a block which was so much like a Tim Conway routine it was hysterical but I felt I did my good deed for the day, and my monster pre-schoolers behaved themselves better than normal, which is still not good,  but I’ll take my small victories where I can find them.  Helena brought home some KFC for dinner and all is right in my little corner of the world.


stop voter suppression

Not so in the USA, in the Democratic primary.  Arizona was highway robbery.  I’ve heard from people there that in a fair vote Sanders would have won easily.  But, there was voter suppression, there were lifelong Democrats who were told they weren’t registered as Democrats, Democrats who were given provisional ballots (which often don’t get counted at all), there was a ridiculously inadequate number of polling places, and the election was called for Hillary before it was anywhere near over.

It is horribly clear that this was Hillary’s doing – cui bono.   Sanders should line up all the fraud charges, the  North Carolina campaign infiltration, the Bill Clinton polling place electioneering, the funky Illinois ballots, the push polling in Nevada, all of it, and hit her with the biggest, most wide reaching lawsuit she’s ever  been hit with, and that’s saying quite a bit in her case.
It was Unfair, Undemocratic and, in fact, UnAmerican.  Or should be – cheating in politics is actually a very long tradition, and that’s what Sanders is campaigning against.  That is the change he wants to make.

We can’t just ignore this.  Her cheating has become the issue.  Anyone who is opposed to cheating in politics must oppose her now.


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