To Debate, or not to Debate

Hillary Clinton has said she won’t debate  against  Bernie in New York unless he  “tones down” his attacks  on  her, which is absurd.

First, if  you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.  If you  can’t  deal with  Bernie, you’re not going to do any better against Trump.

Second, she and her supporters all squealed like stuck pigs when it was suggested that Hillary change her tone, which was merely a stylistic suggestion.

Third, what’s to tone down?  Sanders has been  respectful throughout, even gracious (“I think we’re all sick and tired of hearing about Hillary’s e-mails”)  It’s Sanders’ supporters, i.e. people  like me, who she wants to ‘tone it down.’

Fourth, piss off, Hillary, that ain’t going to happen.  With Arizona you made it clear that you were determined to win at any cost, even disenfranchising voters within your own party.  We are at war now, and it’s no holds barred.  You don’t like our tone?  Tough shit.

Fifth, when she was  losing to Barack Obama in 2008, she said “A candidate should  be ready to debate anywhere, any time.”

Sixth,no problem.  You don’t want to debate, don’t debate.  We will call you a political coward, which is what  you are, and it will stick, because we are right.


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