Since my brother is a Clinton supporter, living in the  critical state of California, and since his main reason seems to be that he  thinks she’s the more electable candidate, let me address that issue tonight: she is not.

If the election is, as it seems it will be, between either Clinton and Sanders on the one  side, and Donald Trump on  the other, I’m fairly certain either Clinton or  Sanders will win.  Only buffoons support Trump, and they are already out.
Then, there will be debates.  Clinton or Sanders will give intelligent answers, dripping with facts, logic and statistics, Trump will yammer on about how wonderful he is  and wave his short, little  fingers (oh, yes they are) in the air.

I think Sanders would handle it better than Clinton, because Sanders has had the same positions for the last 35 years, and he just needs to keep explaining it.  Clinton’s got a whole lot to answer for, numerous ways in which she can be attacked.

If the Republicans pull a fast one and nominate Kasich, Trump may go independent and they would lose spectacularly.  Or, he may not, he may acquiesce, maybe they  will offer him a deal – tax breaks, licensing, something like that – and he will quietly back away.  If it’s Kasich  v. Clinton it’s a race between a conservative a lot of people don’t like and a ‘liberal’ who a lot of liberals don’t even think is a liberal.  Clinton could lose to Kasich.  But, I’m pretty sure Trump will be the nominee and, in any event, Democrats shouldn’t worry too much about what Republicans do or say.  That is the chronic problem of Democrats.  If Democrats start acting, and talking, like Democrats, they will win.

Now, my brother thinks the reason Sanders is leading in the polls is because Republicans haven’t  really turned their hate machine on him yet.  I don’t know.  I’ve been hearing plenty of hate from Clinton supporters.  In any event, the only charge Republicans have against Bernie is that he’s a socialist, and here are a few  ways we can answer that:

  1. DEMOCRATIC Socialist!
  2. So was FDR.
  3. So was Jesus.
  4. Do you have a Social Security card?  You’re a socialist.
  5. Did you go to a public school?  You’re a socialist.
  6. It’s the system which works in Europe, and Canada, and Japan and South Korea and Australia and New Zealand.
  7. We give billions of dollars of aid to Israel.  How is it they’ve got universal health care and we don’t?
  8. Come on.  He’s not exactly Joe Stalin.  Look at the guy.
  9. As long as you  agree that the government can charge SOME taxes, then we’re just quibbling over the amount, and an extra 4% on people making over $250,000 a year is not excessive.
  10. At least he’s honest about it.

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