I’m So Sick of Hillary’s Bullshit

By now, I’m sure most of you have seen  the clip of Hillary Clinton snapping at  a Greenpeace activist who asked her a question.  If not, you can take a look at it here.

Hillary supporters see it as forcefulness and conviction.  A lot of people (fingers crossed) may see it as a sign that she has slipped off the rails.  Personally, I see it as prepared, calculated bullshit.

One thing Clinton supporters often say about her, which I don’t deny, is that she’s very intelligent.  This is a question she was ready for, and she had that answer practiced.  She may not have known it was coming last night, but she knew it was coming eventually.  Greenpeace had already challenged her over the issue in writing, and Greenpeace does send people to events to confront candidates with questions like this.  So, it was not a spontaneous outburst.

Consider her wording.  “I do not….I have money from people in the fossil fuel industry.  I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about that.”  It is not, in fact, a denial.  It is a confession.  But the tone, and the confusing beginning of the sentence, makes it sound like a denial.  So, she said she has money from people in the fossil fuel industry, which is true.

Then, ‘I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about that.’  She doesn’t say Bernie Sanders has ever lied about her.  She carefully said ‘the Sanders campaign.’  If that includes all his supporters on Facebook and Twitter, everybody who’s ever attended one of his rallies, then it’s probably true that some of us have said things about her that are untrue.  We are millions.  We are a wave made of many particles.

So, she’s covered her butt.  Still, I think this outburst will come back to haunt her.  Because she truly is a transparent shill for oil and coal companies.  She supported the Keystone pipeline up until September of last year and will probably turn around and support it again if she becomes president, because she has received money from people heavily invested in it.  Because she still supports fracking.  And there is no reason on this green Earth to take either of those positions unless you owe the oil industry, and you owe it big.


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