A Pleasant Saturday in the Park, With the Rabbit

Of course, I’ve spent a great portion of the day leaving nasty, mean  spirited posts on facebook,because that’s just the kind of vitriolic guy  I am, but I’m not going to spend my blog on that tonight.

There were a few good, in-between moments to the day  that I’ll  talk about instead.  We had lunch in the park.  Not  truly a picnic,since we didn’t spread a blanket on the ground but just sat on a bench, and  we had sandwiches from Boulevard instead of bringing food from home, but we brought the rabbit with us and let her laze on the grass with her little leash on and when I was watching her, she just sat right  next to a tree and when Isabel came to take  over I was giving her a lesson  on rabbit psychology, how they’d always look for the safest place  and just stay there and as soon as Isabel took the leash she started romping around all over the lawn.  Existence exists for the  purpose of making fools out of parents who try to turn a picnic into a science lecture.

Then, we spent some  time working on a jigsaw puzzle and, at  5 o’clock, went bowling.  Bowling is like English lessons.  I’ve often noticed that my once a week students, even if they  take lessons from me for years, don’t really make any progress.  Those who have several lessons a week, maybe for several hours a day, make very swift progress.  Likewise bowling.  We go once every  couple of months, probably no more than 4 or 5 times a year, on average.  Which means we’ll never get any better.

Then, a bit  more work on the puzzle, a few more nasty comments on facebook, and here we are.  Another day done, another blog written.


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