What Did I Learn on Facebook Today

Well, they say you learn something new every day, but that doesn’t always mean it’s  anything useful.

I learned today that you can’t convince a Hillary  supporter that Hillary’s shit stinks even if you rub their noses right  in it, but  I sort of knew that already.

I learned that people who point out  other people’s  grammatical and  spelling  mistakes are jerks and  nobody likes them.  It’s like scientifically proven, I guess. I didn’t go deeper than the headline.  It’s a bit disturbing, because they’re  talking about me.
When you’re commenting on the internet, you are commenting in public.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to bring your A game with every comment, it’s not a competition, but it’s in public.  You don’t want to disgrace yourself.
Writing could of instead of could have is the equivalent of picking your  nose on the bus.  Everybody can  see  at a glance that you  are a slovenly  cretin.  Writing lose with a double o is the equivalent of walking  down the block with your mouth open, and a bit of drool coming out.  It’s clear you  don’t understand the world  around you.  People cross the street.

So, learn these  things, people.

Then I learned about Salticidae, which  is the largest class  of spider with over 500 species.  They can  jump, and they are,  even  by the  standards of spiders, seriously ugly.  A friend of mine is interested  in them.

I learned today that my friend is weird.


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