April Alchemy

We had the first Alchemy poetry  reading in a long time tonight.  There was one in December, which I missed,because it  was at The Globe, with whom I am feuding.  It is a bit of a shame, since I think that’s  the  first one I’ve ever missed in the history  of Alchemy.
Then before that, we’d skipped November, so it’s been like half a year.  I hope they’re going to start happening regularly again.

It was a pretty good night.  Everybody liked the featured reader.  Her poems all at least said something.  I liked the one called ‘Awkward.’ “For those  of us who think that talking physics is flirting.”
Then, there  was an Irish a capella singer who was great, a story teller, which always breaks up the monotony a bit, and most of the poets were good as well.  I particularly like the one about (well, I think it was about.  My mind had been wandering a bit until it got to be super dramatic) about a Viking in Starbucks.  Threatening the barista with a double handled ax.
My stuff came out O.K., I think, got a couple of chuckles, but I didn’t really have an anchor poem, a big bazoomba, and that’s what I should work on for next time.  The big bazoomba.


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