Finagling the Foundation

Now, I admit that this graph is from The Federalist (.com), and they are a right wing site, but it is not attacking Hillary over Ben Ghazi, or her e-mails, or Vince Foster, or Travelgate, or any other of the classic right wing wehateHillary memes, which are largely without substance.  But, even though I am a left winger, I happen to agree that the Clinton foundation deserves a bit of scrutiny.

Also, The Federalist (.com) claims they got the info from the Clinton Foundation’s own tax documents.  So, there’s that.

3rd, and final disclaimer.  It’s from 2013.  That’s O.K.  I doubt things have changed much.  Here it is:



As worrying as the 33% for employees salaries and benefits is, I find the 34% for ‘other expenses’ more worrying.  Cocaine for the volunteers?  Weekend junkets to Vegas? Bribes?  I’m joking there except for the 3rd one.  Basically, since ‘other expenses’ says nothing at all, it’s a giant red flag.  What it’s saying  is that ‘we can’t actually say what this is for or we might go to jail.

Another option is just that it went for big employee bonuses.  So, maybe another way of reading that chart is ‘salaries, benefits and other expenses, 67%.’  Either way, not good.

I don’t think the Clinton’s are alone in this scam.  I’ve heard plenty about how the Salvation Army, Goodwill, even the Red  Cross are tainted organizations.  It’s a shame.

Charity should not be necessary.  There is enough wealth in the world that everybody could be living a pretty good life if we had more intelligent and  fairer distribution of wealth, and land, and water.  Still, we have a long way to go before governments care enough about their people to implement such a utopia.

In the short term, this chart proves one thing: that Hillary Clinton is a sleazy  weasel and should never be President of the United States.


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